3 Point Play Zone, located in Chino Hills, is shaping the future of basketball training in the Inland Empire.  We offer basketball training classes and camps for all levels from beginner to advanced. 

Basketball Training 

If you couldn’t tell just by our name, we’re basketball fanatics. We’re players, teachers, coaches, and trainers, and we’ve spent years honing our skills, so that we can work with younger children and teens to help develop the basketball professionals of tomorrow, starting today. 

Playing Basketball

Upcoming Classes and Camps

Spring Break - Summer Break Camp 2022 (3).jpg

2022 Summer Break Camps

Weekly Sessions of Summer Camp

Open to Beginner - Advanced players:

- Conditioning

- Dribbling Skills

- Shooting Skills

- Game Play

Spring 2022 Season II
4/25/22 - 6/19/22

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