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By continuing your visit to Kaggle, you agree to the use of cookies. Learn more, including how to manage your cookie settings, here. When accessing this page you will be prompted to provide your name and email address. CODE for Python ----- ```python from __future__ import print_function from config_flask import * import os import json os.environ.setdefault('DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE', '') if __name__ == "__main__": ``` Giant Camel Spotted In Egypt A giant camel has been discovered in Egypt’s Sahara desert, and it looks like it can hold its own against the Big Bad Wolf. The camel, estimated at a massive 18 feet tall and the size of a Volkswagen, has been preserved in the Sahara desert for more than 1,500 years. The mane-less beast, estimated at more than 18 feet tall, is estimated at about 60 years old, according to Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities. The camel had to be transported in a semi-truck from the desert to Cairo, where it was placed on display at the Egyptian Museum. “As you can see, the camel’s hair has turned a deep yellowish color and, like all humpless camels, the animal is entirely hairless with a mane,” Dr. Amal el-Din, the chief inspector of Egyptian Mummy Affairs, told The Daily Mail. “Even though the camel is only 60 years old, it is in a good condition due to its dry and stable climate.” Archaeologists believe the camel is just a “side issue” to a larger issue about land rights and ownership, The Telegraph reported. The camel, according to The Daily Mail, is one of two “African prehistoric” camels excavated last year. The other was found in Ethiopia. “Both of the camels unearthed last year are one of a kind and the biggest by far of their kind,” Dr. Abdel Moneim Aly of the Egyptian Mummy Affairs explained to The Daily Mail. “They are of a highly advanced stage in terms of their anatomy, their building and their internal organs.” The discovery




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Malgor Valsecia Farmacologia Medica Pdf Descargar Free

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