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Sales Funnel

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a visual metaphor for the path taken by a potential customer as he or she moves towards becoming a customer. Frequently used by sales and marketing organizations, the sales funnel helps companies understand and visualize their sales process and measure overall conversion success between each step of the funnel.

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is shaped like an inverted pyramid, similar to real-world funnels, to which the metaphor alludes. The width of each part of the funnel reflects the audience size, with the top of the funnel being the widest and the bottom being the smallest.


How do I use a sales funnel?

But everyone’s sales process is different. That’s why you can add/remove custom stages in the ‘Settings & Instructions’ sheet. There you can add/remove team members, set targets and set a custom # of days after which you’ll be reminded to follow up with a lead.

Add your sales leads to the ‘Sales Funnel’ sheet, select the stage they’re in. You can also add other data: size of the deal, expected closing date and sales rep working on the deal. 


Sales Funnels

Revealing the Secret Strategy to Success

When you are tired of using Excel

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