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Youth Basketball
Classes & Training 






Sports Training

Learning a sport, trains your children for the next stage in their life


Indoor Creative Playspace

We provide an indoor playspace that will expand your toddler's creativity. 


Our Vision Of A Kids Activity Space...

Welcome to 3 Point Play Zone, the premiere youth sports training and creative playspace facility in Chino Hills, California with an indoor playground, educational activities, basketball sports training, event space rental, and so much more! Our expansive facility is brand new, state of the art, and ready to provide parents with the perfect option for their indoor playground activities, birthday party needs, and basketball sports activity needs all year round.


Perfect for birthday parties and special celebrations, our space is always open for you! 

Creative Playspace

Infant & Toddlers
6 Years and Younger

At 3 Point Play Zone, we’re not just offering a place for children to play – we’re offering them a new type of playspace experience, we’re offering them a place to discover, to create, and to explore. Our reimagined indoor playground combines the excitement of a traditional indoor playground with enrichment activities, educational activities, and so much more.

We’re excited about everything that this new space has to offer, and we just know that from the moment your child sets foot into our creative indoor playspace, they’ll want to stay forever.


Basketball Training

Ages 4-17
If you couldn’t tell just by our name, we’re basketball fanatics. We’re players, teachers, coaches, and trainers, and we’ve spent years honing our skills, so that we can work with younger children and teens to help develop the basketball professionals of tomorrow, today. 

We offer basketball training classes for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced!


For new students, we offer a FREE Trial class so we can find the right skill level for your child! 


Basketball Camps

Ages 4-17
Are you looking for the perfect kid’s activities to keep your child busy during those long summer months or in between semesters in the winter? If you are, look no further than 3 Point Play Zone! We offer summer basketball camp and winter basketball camp sessions where your child will participate in a fun, exciting, and engaging basketball camp experience.

They’ll work alongside our professional trainers and coaches, they’ll engaging in fun educational activities, and they’ll be able to release some of that pent up childhood energy in a meaningful and healthy way.

Click below to view our current summer and winter sessions & sign up today!

Hear From Our Customers:


“3 Point Play Zone is the best thing to happen to Chino Hills in years – especially for children and teens. The staff is amazing, the trainers and coaches are so professional, and I’ve heard from some of my friends that their birthday parties are awesome! My son has been attending some of their basketball training courses, and he is dead-set on reserving a spot in their winter basketball camp!”

“Plain and simple – 3 Point Play Zone has completely transformed the indoor playground experience for kids. Let your child run, play, learn, laugh, and love in their amazing creative indoor playspace.” 

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Special Events


At 3 Point Play Zone, our expansive facilities can instantly be transformed into a state of the art event space, perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, or special celebrations. We’re proud to lend our space as your premiere special event venue in Chino Hills, California.

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Our Vision Of A Kids Activity Space...

The Ultimate Kid Experience


When it comes to being a kid, nothing is more important than having those exciting memories to look  back on – you know exactly what we’re talking about, because you have them too! Here at 3 Point Play Zone, we’re focused on offering you and your child the ultimate kid experience that will stick in their memories for the rest of their lives.

Whether it be a birthday party, a fun basketball training session, or the very best summer or winter basketball camp, we guarantee that your child will have the experience of a lifetime.


Our Vision Of A Kids Activity Space...

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Who We Are

At 3 Point Play Zone, nothing is more important to us than offering a one of a kind experience for children and their parents. We’re firm believers that children need that special time and that special place to learn and grow, and we want parents to have the option to keep their children engaged year ‘round.

We’re dedicated towards providing exciting activities to all those who walk through our doors. So, whether your child is 6 years old, or an 18 year old teen preparing to go to college, we’re always focused on bringing an exciting experience to the table. 

So, click below to learn more about who we are, what we do, why we do it, and who we proudly serve each and every day.