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We train your kids to be great, on and off the court!

Welcome to 3 Point Play Zone, the premiere indoor youth basketball sports training facility in Chino Hills, California.

2569 Chino Hills Pkwy Ste E. Chino Hills
CA 91709


What Basketball Trainings Do We Offer?


TBA Basketball Training & Programs


Birthday Parties


Court Rentals


Basketball Training

If you couldn’t tell just by our name, we’re basketball fanatics. We’re players, teachers, coaches, and trainers, and we’ve spent years honing our skills, so that we can work with younger children and teens to help develop the basketball professionals of tomorrow, today.

We’ve developed the Titan Basketball Academy (TBA) to offer basketball training classes for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced!

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Basketball Camps

Are you looking for the perfect kid’s activities to keep your child busy during those long summer months or in between semesters in the winter? If you are, look no further than 3 Point Play Zone! We offer summer basketball camp and winter basketball camp sessions where your child will participate in a fun, exciting, and engaging basketball camp experience.

They’ll work alongside our professional trainers and coaches, they’ll engaging in fun educational activities, and they’ll be able to release some of that pent up childhood energy in a meaningful and healthy way.


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About Us

3 point play zone is the brand new, state of the art basketball training facility and event venue located in Chino Hills, California.


Our massive complex encompasses 2 indoor basketball courts, a strength and conditioning area, basketball shooting machine, and rooms available for special events and birthday parties.


Through interactive basketball weekly training, clinics, league play, and weekend camps, we’re offering parents and their children a state of the art basketball facility where we’re training the next generation of basketball ballers!


TBA Basketball Programs

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TBA Weekend League

During our 8-weekend TBA League, Students will have all the training tips and basketball concepts of an AAU program, without the pressure of performing at a high-intensity level.

Saturdays: Training Days

Kids will have an hour and a half game-training practice that takes place on Saturday. Titan league is structured to train kids towards playing in a team-oriented environment. This includes learning: the defense and offense of concepts as well as common basketball terminology and rules.

Sunday: Game Days

On Sundays, we get to do what we all love to do, which is to game. With specialized TBA shorts and jerseys, kids will get to apply their tips and game strategies from their coaches in order to be successful in the game.


AAU is one of the top basketball programs a kid can play before reaching college basketball.This league is a couple notches above our development of our Little Titan League. It is a 6-month program with intense skill training, conditioning, basketball concepts, and team concepts. Playing time is based strictly off of skill set and those who are capable of learning offensive and defensive plays.


Camps & Clinics

TBA Chino Hills Basketball camps are available year-round for boys and girls ages 7-13 and ages 14-18. We offer programs for novice athletes, to those aspiring to become pros. Talk to our front desk about upcoming events, dates, and times.


1 on 1 Private Training

If you want all the attention and focus within an hour of training, then private lessons are a great option. This allows us to build a specific program that fits the direct needs of your child’s basketball development. We recommend finding a coach that fits with your child’s skill set. Every coach has different strengths and benefits to their training, so feel free to try several of our coaches before settling down with one. One on one gives you direct contact with your coach, so you’ll be able to tell them


Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes, Once a week for one hour your Group classes are meant to teach basic basketball skills.


These weekly classes are for children of all ages and skill levels.  We offer a free evaluation class to test your child's skill set and find the right placement. Toddlers through Beginner classes are meant to improve and perfect the fundamental skills: dribbling, passing, shooting, and lay ups. This group training is perfect for kids just starting off and wanting to improve their skills.


Evaluate your child's skill level to find the right program!

Not sure where to start based off you child's skill level? Even if you have been at other programs, or even part of our TBA programs, its ideal to schedule a basketball evaluation skills session so our coaches can help find the right placement for your child. Evaluations can be requested from our front desk at any time. We recommend requesting an evaluation at the start or end of a new season. 

SUMMER 2024 - 6 & 12 Week Seasons
6 week - 6/17/2024 - 7/28/2024
               7/29/2024 - 9/8/2024

12 Week - 6/17/2024 - 9/8/2024


2024 Summer Classes.jpg
2024 Summer Titan League.jpg

2024 Summer Break Camps

Summer Camp Dates:
May 27, 2024 - Aug 2, 2024

3 Day and 5 Day Camps available


Summer Camp 2024 Dates.jpg
Summer Camp 2024 Agenda.jpg
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