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Skill Set Levels


Training By Skill Levels

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FREE Evaluation

As much as you want to move your kid through the ranks of our programs, they must go through our evaluation process and receive a passing score of 80 or more. Evaluations can be requested at the front desk at any time. We recommend requesting an evaluation at the start or end of a new season. Please understand that the request to move up may take more than a few seasons.


Toddlers - Lil Ballers
Ages 4 - 6

This is the age where kids start to become more independent from their parents, allowing the coaches to interact more directly with them. In this age group, teaching physical skills such as hand-eye coordination and increasing strength and stamina is a top priority. The development of social skills is also emphasized, as the youngsters become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate with other teammates, and learn more about themselves. In addition, to learn the fundamentals of basketball through age-appropriate drills and games.


Ages 6+ 

First time playing sports? First time playing team sports? First time playing basketball? No problem!!! At 3 PPZ, this is a class specially designed for all your newcomers who want to learn the fundamentals of basketball. This class will help your kids to increase their strength, and stamina, and show you the fundamentals of basketball, which include dribbling, shooting, passing, and so much more.


Ages 8+

At 3 Point Play Zone, our staff and coaches understand that kids under the age of 10 can naturally have the coordination of balance.


To do things like pivot, slide, or dribble the ball between their legs. In this class, we will get your kids prepped for the next level. We will introduce them to the following four principles:

  • Stretching/Warm-ups – it’s important as an athlete to properly warm up before any work outs.

  • Stationary ball handling/Moving ball handling – before you can run, you need to learn the right way to walk.

  • Proper layups/free throws – One of the hardest things to teach a young athlete is two steps layups. And the second hardest thing is the proper way to hold the basketball and make an open free throw.

  • Game time – Nothing is more important to have a real game experience, it will allow the young athletes to put our first 3 principles into a live-action game experience. Two separate teams compete learning the rules of the game from coaches and refs.



Youth basketball has a long history of allowing kids to be disorganized, with a focal point of winning, without the building of strong practice habits, fundamentals, and teamwork. At 3 Point Play Zone, in our advanced class, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to professional experience for parents, and players.

  • Advanced ball handling- Between the legs, Behind the back, euro steps, and spin moves

  • Game scenarios – Pick & Roll, fast-break offnse , half-court offense

  • Defenses knowledge - 2-3 zone , 1-2-2 zone, 3-2 zone & man to man

  • Game time- young athletes will play 5 vs 5 where coaches and refs will take them through a real collegiate/professional game rules experience. For example, fouls, free throws, traveling, line violations, and many more. The best way for young athletes to learn is to make real-time mistakes on the court, so we can correct them right there and then in order to achieve greatness.

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