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Titan Basketball Academy (TBA)

How much you train depends on
how quickly you want to see results! 

We have various programs for children of all skill levels and commitment


Group Trainings or Private Lessons

1x Weekly Group Class training


We hold weekly after school and weekend group classes for children depending on their Age and Skill Level


Toddlers : Age 4-8

LilBallers : Age 6-10

Beginners : Ages 8-17

Intermediate : Ages 8+

Advanced : Ages 8+


 That way, it covers the surface-level skills, they get the advanced personal training

1 on 1 Private Lessons Training

Your child will work with one of our coaches allowing a more personalized training experience.  This training covers the surface-level fundamental skills all the way to advanced personal training


Group Training + Titan League

This combination is recommended for beginner to intermediate players. 


1x Weekly Group Class training:  Teach and train the fundamentals such as footwork, dribbling, .


 Sat & Sun: TBA Titan League  

Our weekend basketball league will teach, team basketball concepts plus extra fundamental training. The best thing for your child is a combination of fundamental training,  and weekend team and league play. When kids are challenged to apply their basketball skills within a real-world game environment, you will see the growth come faster.


Real situations are the best teachers.


Private Lessons + AAU Travel Ball

This grouping is for experienced basketball players who already have strong fundamental basketball skills, but are looking to take it to the next level.

Our AAU Travel Ball team opens up every 6 months for tryouts to qualify to join our championship teams.


Your child will receive more personalized training to continue to develop and transform them to a top level AAU player. The level of detail and attention your kids your world get is higher than the normal group class. If the goal for your child is varsity/ high school or college basketball, you’ll need to set your kid into a good AAU program.


Not sure where your children's skill level is? Come visit for a FREE evaluation!

For new basketball trainees, we offer a free evaluation class to come and try out with our coaches.  After the trial class, we will be able to recommend a level placement for your child based on age, size, and skill!

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