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Youth Basketball Training


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Basketball Training
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Ages: 4-6 Toddlers


Newcomers can signup for a free trial evaluation class




Seasons Classes are 8 weekly 1-hour sessions

We offer a free
trial evaluation class

for new students above the age of 6

Classes fill up quickly, so signup early for our upcoming season:

Youth Basketball in Chino Hills, California

Chino Hills Youth Basketball for Toddlers

If you couldn’t tell just by our name, we’re basketball fanatics. We’re players, teachers, coaches, and trainers, and we’ve spent years honing our skills, so that we can work with younger children and teens to help develop the basketball professionals of tomorrow, today. 

At 3 Point Play Zone, we have basketball training classes for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced! We begin with the basics and we progress incrementally from there. Our goal is to ensure that every trainee learns how to hone their skills and abilities, so that they can become the best player that they can be – and have as much fun as possible while doing it.


Signup for our Basketball Clinics & Classes »

Don’t forget about our Chino Hills spring, summer & and winter basketball camps! Let your child train like a basketball superstar during these week long camps.




Our indoor playspace is also great for toddlers under the age of 6.


Check out all of our classes and drop-in
play times:

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